Virtual Reality (VR) has one of the greatest potentials for the industry to become a real game changer. Innovative companies are already using VR to optimize their processes, access information faster and give easy access to company data also to non-technical personnel and save time and money with these new methods. Additionally, it is used in a very advanced way to provide any kind of training with proven highest retention rate of all training methods.

Typical industries using VR are Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Facility Management.


  • Engineering Review
    • 3D Virtual Reality review of the engineering online from non-local organizations via the Internet.
    • Reduces errors in the engineering phase and therefore, heavy costs for error corrections in later stages of the project.
    • Reduces time needed for sending documents.
    • Eliminates former paper based processes and complicated redlining.
  •  VR Training:
    • Significantly improves personal safety through virtual training in the as-built environment.
    • Unique and immersive training experience with easy, fast and game-like navigation.
    • Efficient training of cooperation and interaction within and between teams.
    • Counteracts the increasing shortage in experienced personnel.
    • High value for dangerous and remote working environments (e.g. oil and gas industry).
    • Training can be started before the real plant is taken into operation which results in earlier production and additional turnover.



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