Augmented Reality (AR) is the latest technology to access data even faster and more efficiently. Known mainly from the gaming industry, GATS is bringing AR technology to a professional environment with UBIK. ‘Mobile Data Management, Augmented Reality enabled’ provides every employee with the necessary information from company systems (eg: Maintenance, ERP, Engineering and Document Management Systems) streamed on their mobile devices when they are out of office and/or on the site. Data inputs and updates are immediately sent back wirelessly and paperless to the original systems to guarantee data consistency and delay free updates. Augmented Reality is able to navigate the user to the location of the equipment and automatically displays additional available company information, in order to rightly execute the necessary task like commissioning, maintenance, inspection or is used for data acquisition proposes.


  • Mobile Data Management
    • All company data (from different original systems) is available on a mobile device.
    • Bidirectional (read/write) interface.
    • Immediate feed-back from the field reduces execution time and enables timely management analysis (status of tasks and projects).
    • Better execution quality.
    • Electronic data exchange eliminates long lasting and erroneous paper processes.
  • Easy to use mobile devices enables everyone to use valuable company data.
  • Reduced execution time through immediate, paperless data output/input.
  • Augmented Reality enabled:
    • Supports navigation to the equipment, no more time consuming searching.
    • Helps finding correct data by automatic recognizing equipment in question.
  • Ex-Proof mobile devices Zone 1 and 2 are available.



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