Providing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with the correct data is the basis and key for its success. With its unified data platform the integrated, software solution COMOS provides plant design engineers, plant operating personnel, company management and engineering partners with a continuous flow of consistent data that meet their specific needs across all project phases. From FEED to basic and detailed engineering (mechanical, piping, instrumentation, electrical, automation) and also to Operations (maintenance, inspection and asset management), all data in drawings, reports and lists are available data consistent as intelligent documents.


For Engineering/EPC:

  • One single Database enables data consistency within all engineering disciplines:
    • Better engineering quality.
    • Parallel engineering drastically reduces necessary efforts and project lead time.
  • Intelligent documentation, drawings, lists and datasheets
    • All COMOS documentation is intelligent and based on the ‘one single database’ approach.
    • No matter where data is changed, COMOS will keep it consistent.
    • Severely reduced efforts for project documentation.

For Operations/OO:

  • Real Asset Management from the first day of the plant even during the engineering stage:
    • From FEED to basic to detailed engineering, your asset gets more and more details to facilitate Asset Management with all the plant details during Operations
  • Operation’s activities:
    • Uniquely in the market, COMOS is using the original and intelligent data from engineering for Operations (Maintenance, Inspection) and Asset Management.
    • Heavily reduced handover time and handover costs.
    • No additional Maintenance, Inspection or Asset Management tool necessary.



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